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Posted by Dubai Vista Estate on 16/02/2022

What is real estate in Dubai?

What is real estate in Dubai? At Dubai Vista Estate, we are committed to giving you all the keys to real estate investment in Dubai.


First of all, it is important to be able to differentiate between, the Off-Plan market and the Secondary Market.


The Off-Plan market: 


The Off-plan market is where we can invest in new or off-plan real estate. This market includes properties, where you will be the first buyers.


The advantages of the Off-Plan market: 


1- First owner of the property,

2- Enjoy a home that benefits from the latest technology,

3- Choice of location,

4- Setting up a payment plan to facilitate your investment.



The disadvantage of the Off-Plan market: 


– Project under construction.

The average construction period (apartment) is 5 years


Secondary Market:


The secondary market is the second-hand market. You will invest in an already existing home, where you will only have to put your suitcases.


The advantages of the Secondary Market :


1- Project finalized, just have to put your suitcases,

2- Property in the desired location with an already developed community,

3- Several projects available,

4- Possibility to negotiate prices.


The disadvantage of the Secondary Market :


-Payment of the property in cash


It is important to note that the secondary market is much more in demand.

If you want to make a speculative investment, it will be essential to invest in the Off-plan market and then put your property up for sale, which will allow you to make a profit on the resale.


All our experts are able to offer you the project that suits you!


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Real estate in Dubai
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