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An 18 billion AED lunar construction

Posted by Dubai Vista Estate on 13/09/2022

An 18 billion AED lunar construction

Dubai Vista Estate brings you the news of the week,An 18 billion AED lunar construction.


Dubai’s newest exorbitant project: a moon building worth AED 18 billion.


The brand new project has still not been validated, but has already made the rounds of the UAE. This new project would be a tourist complex worth 18 billion, which would define it as the largest project in the UAE.

Moon World Resorts has posted pictures of the project which would include a nightclub, a conference center, luxury residences, a spa, and even a “lunar shuttle” as well as training services for various space agencies and astronauts from around the world.

Wouldn’t that be great?

If this project sees the light of day, it should bring in 10 million visitors per year. This project should have a height of 224 meters, and a construction time of 48 months. This project plans to make partnerships with space agencies to give Dubai a new pole in terms of business. 




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