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The new visas are coming !

Posted by Dubai Vista Estate on 12/09/2022

The new visas are coming !

Dubai Vista Estate brings you the news of the week The new visas are coming !


There are new options for you to move to Dubai, the new visas are coming!

Dubai is launching a new visa that allows you to reside in Dubai while working from home! (No need to look for a job to get your visa!)

Many people dream of moving to Dubai, because Dubai has many great advantages, such as quality of life, safety, opportunities, and its advantage on taxation, because the UAE is a zero tax country.

If your dream is to come and live in Dubai, while continuing to work from home, it is now possible!

To obtain this visa, it must be validated on your annual basis. This visa, offers you the chance to come and settle down safely, without losing your job, which allows you and your family to start this project. This confirms Dubai’s status as one of the new hubs for business.


To be eligible for this visa, you just need to:


  • Have a passport valid for at least 6 months


  • A valid health insurance within the UAE


  • Proof of employment, with a minimum duration of 1 year and a salary of 5,000 dollars per mont. As well as the last 3 months of bank statements.


  • If the applicant is a business owner, then proof of business ownership for a minimum of  1 year. And a salary of $5,000 per month and the last 3 months of bank statements are required.



Article by Dubai Vista Estate

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