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Posted by Dubai Vista Estate on 12/10/2022

We share with you the real estate transaction values for the first week of October!

Dubai Vista Estate presents the latest news of the week, real estate transactions for the first week of October!


In this first week of October, the value of transactions amounted to AED 5.649 billion (with 1.882 transactions)! The highest day in transaction value was Wednesday, October 5.


Here is the summary from October 3 to 10:


  • 404 sales worth AED 1.399 billion
  • 39 plots of land worth AED 309.8 million
  • 365 apartments and villas worth AED 1.089 billion


Highest apartment value:


  • Palm Jumeirah, value: AED 1.326 billion
  • Value of the business bay: AED 375.1 million


Highest value of villas:


  • Al Hebiah Sixth Value: AED 67.25 Million
  • Al YUFRAH : Value of AED 45.62 Million


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