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Posted by Dubai Vista Estate on 13/10/2022

First job for a robot in Dubai!

Dubai Vista Estate presents the latest news of the week, the first robot employed in Dubai!


It is AMECA! It’s a name you will surely remember, the name of the future, because it’s not a person, but a robot.

The museum of the future has just hired the first human-sized robot with a unique artificial intelligence. Designed by Engineered Arts, Ameca as “the world’s most advanced human-shaped robot, representing the cutting edge of robotics technology”.

Ameca can have easy expressions, chat with visitors, and even joke with you… Strange, right?

You can find Ameca at the exhibition ” Tomorrow today ” at the museum of the future, this exhibition shows us the world of tomorrow, the future technologies that will be at our side, to face the social and environmental challenges. This exhibition offers you more than 50 objects of the future, prototypes on several fields such as security, environment, food, agriculture and urbanism and waste management.



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