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Posted by Dubai Vista Estate on 15/11/2022

The Palm will become the world’s most exclusive beachfront residential community.

Dubai Vista Estate brings you the news of the week: The Palm is set to become the world’s most exclusive beachfront residential community.


Already Dubai property prices have soared, the Palm even more so as one real estate agent quotes “The Palm is becoming the most exclusive beachfront residential community in the world”.

In October, an AED 600 million deal was agreed for 5,534 square metres, while a few weeks earlier, Dubai’s most expensive property had been sold, a villa on the Palm worth AED 302 million.

And to make it even bigger and not stop there, Palm Jumeirah developer Nakhell has signed an AED 18 billion contract for new projects focusing on waterfront living.

In a statement the real estate expert quoted “Whether it’s billionaires buying luxury properties or astronauts photographing the island from space, this iconic location has become a brand in its own right. He added why it is so popular now, “no other place offers the same level of security, infrastructure and amenities, while the five-star retail and dining experiences are unmatched. The Palm has replicated and consolidated all the best elements of other international luxury destinations, which now easily surpass those in Miami, Los Angeles, Singapore and London.

This Monday we recorded a total of 1.5 billion dirhams on property transactions.

On Monday the market was at its peak, 580 transactions were recorded (villas, flats, off-plan, land, etc.) which represents 1.5 billion Australian dollars in one day.

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