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Posted by Dubai Vista Estate on 31/10/2022

Developer Samana now accepts Dogecoin

Dubai Vista Estate brings you the news of the week: Developer Samana now accepts Dogecoin.


It’s official, one of Dubai’s biggest developers is now accepting payments in cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin…

Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies have been growing and invading our worlds… That’s why developing sectors have decided to trust cryptocurrencies… Including the ever-growing real estate market.

And yes, it is indeed the developer Samana, who decided to trust the crypto-currency! First of all, this developer started by accepting Dogecoin as a new payment method for new projects being launched. But that’s not all, smart people who pay with Dogecoin will receive a 5% discount!!!

Even though these are volatile currencies, it’s still a great stepping stone for their use in the real world.

Here is what SAMANA CEO Imram Farooq, said:

“Decentralised finance and digital payments are forms of finance and new payment systems that do not use intermediaries – traditional brokers, exchanges or banks. This is done using smart contracts for property buyers, which are automated agreements using online blockchain technology instead.”

Elon Musk said Tesla had bought $1.5bn worth of bitcoins and would allow customers to use crypto-currencies to buy its electric cars. However, the crypto-currency market is evolving rapidly, hence Musk’s decision to backtrack.




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