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Posted by Dubai Vista Estate on 26/11/2021

Invest in Dubai real estate with an unique partner : Dubai Vista Estate

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How to invest in Real Estate in Dubai? 

Before embarking on the adventure of real estate investment in Dubai, it is essential to have an overview of the various formalities, the process and how to invest. 

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Definition of your needs 

Our team of experts will assist you in defining your needs. 

For a rental investment, our team will guide you on the strategic projects, the projects that will allow you to benefit from a significant return on investment. 

For a life project, we will be your eyes and ears in Dubai, we will define together your expectations and propose you the project which corresponds to you. 

In Dubai, it is important to invest in real estate with a company with which a team of experts is at your disposal. Link your resources and the feasibility study that we will send you in order to realize your investment in the best conditions. We will accompany you in the search for a tenant once the project is delivered. 

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The process of investment 

Outline of the real estate investment process in Dubai 

  • The definition of your needs. Before proposing a real estate investment project in Dubai, we would like to know more about you, your needs and your expectations. 
  • Once your needs are defined, we focus on the project or projects that correspond to you, while respecting your specifications and let’s validate your project together. 
  • Following the validation of your project, we realize the booking with the real estate developer. Booking is the reservation of your property. 
  • The signature of your SPA. The SPA represents the sales contract, the property will be in your name at this time. You will receive at this moment all the administrative documents. 
  • The establishment of your payment plan. All developers offer payment plans. The payment plan will be presented to you at the time of the project proposal. 

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Financing arrangements 

Several financing methods are available in Dubai:

  • Payment plans (spread over a defined period of time)
  • Cash payment
  • Crypto currency 

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