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Dubai’s economic boom for 2030

Posted by Dubai Vista Estate on 21/09/2022

Dubai’s economic boom for 2030

Dubai Vista Estate brings you the news of the week, the Dubai’s economic boom for 2030


Dubai, its economic ascent by 2030 Dubai, a city in full development, counts today 67 900 millionaires, 202 millionaires and 13 billionaires live in this skyscraper city. 

Does this figure impress you? It is only in constant evolution, because by 2030 Dubai should be recognized as one of the richest cities in the world.
Dubai is currently in 23rd position thanks to its diversified economy and its constant evolution.


Dubai has been able to distinguish itself and impose itself commercially, by developing impactful sectors such as hotels, financial services, gas, oil, real estate (the rich districts of Dubai are currently Jumeirah Golf Estates, Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills.)

Today at the top of the ranking we find the United States, which will have the most millionaires in 2022.


The 10 richest cities in the world (ranked according to the number of millionaires)

  • New York: 345,600
  • Tokyo: 304,900
  • San Francisco Bay: 276,400
  • London: 272,400
  • Singapore: 249,800
  • Los Angeles and Malibu: 192,400
  • Chicago: 160,100
  • Houston: 132,600
  • Beijing: 131,500
  • Shanghai: 130,100

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Article by Dubai Vista Estate

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