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Posted by Dubai Vista Estate on 11/10/2022

How to make the tax exemption as a tourist?We explain you!

Dubai Vista Estate presents you the latest news of the week, concerning the tax exemption as a tourist in Dubai!



The Federal Tax Authority of the United Arab Emirates (FTA) and Planet Tax Free have set up a paperless tax refund system for tourists. This brand new project is very simple, it is a paperless support that uses only a digital platform, where cash systems are already registered.


This means that the person on vacation will only need to scan his passport and then make his purchases. The transactions made will be automatically redirected as a digital receipt with Planet Tax Free. Once the purchases are made the person will also be able to consult these tickets by accessing the dedicated space for buyers.


To conclude, this project guarantees that the tax-free purchases of tourists are transparent, fast and digital, especially since this new system is in line with the environment less paper!


This project is environmentally beneficial, meaning:

  • KAU will save the paper equivalent of 16,800 trees per year.
  • A reduction in the consumption of 6,500 cartridges
  • The country will save 4,224 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Finally, they will reduce the domestic resources used to make paper. This includes 5.52 million liters of water and 32,500 kWh of energy.



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