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Posted by Dubai Vista Estate on 20/09/2022

Dubai ranks among the best destinations for vacation or families in 2022

Dubai Vista Estate brings you the news of the week,Dubai ranks among the best destinations for vacation or families in 2022


What is the best vacation destination or family trip? The 10 best destinations for vacations or family trips, we give them to you! And Dubai is one of them!


Before going on vacation, the questions we usually ask ourselves are “what to do there? “How to get there?” “Where to stay?” “What budget?”


Dubai has everything to make your family vacation exceptional! Known for its skyscrapers, but also for its activities and amusement parks such as ” Ski Dubai, Dubai Deep DIVE ” ” IMG WORLD, LEGO LAND , Atlantis Aqua Adventures and many others…).


If you are looking for a great view and a great activity, Dubai is the place to be.


Do you know the DUBAI MALL? The biggest shopping mall in the world today, which includes many activities (children’s park, aquarium, ice rink). Or the many beaches, like the Sea which is a lively area during the day and evening with its meticulous decoration, or the Sole Mio Beach Club on the kite beach.


To get to Dubai, you can find different flight offers to get there (AIR FRANCE, KLM, EMIRATES)

To stay in Dubai, just look at the hotels/airbnb available, obviously for an exceptional stay with your family the Atlantis is THE PLACE TO BE!


Don’t hesitate, Dubai is waiting for you!


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Article by Dubai Vista Estate

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