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Arjan, a booming real estate gem

Posted by Dubai Vista Estate on 03/04/2023

Arjan, a booming real estate gem

Located just minutes from downtown Dubai, Arjan is a fast-growing area that is attracting more and more property investors. If you are looking for a place to invest in real estate in Dubai, Arjan is a neighbourhood not to be missed. In this article, we will explore this emerging area in detail, reviewing its sqft prices, evolution, property market conditions and key figures to help you understand why it is considered one of the best areas to invest in Dubai.

Arjan is located in the Dubai Land area, which is known for its many theme parks and tourist destinations. Arjan is a relatively new area that was launched in 2006, but it has quickly become one of the most popular areas for property investors in Dubai. The area has a variety of residential, commercial and hotel properties, as well as world-class amenities such as shopping malls, restaurants, parks and green spaces.

The evolution of the Arjan district: a rapid development that attracts more and more investors

Arjan was designed in 2006 by Dubai Properties Group, a real estate and construction company owned by Dubai Holding. It was developed in response to the growing demand for high quality housing in Dubai. The project was named after Arjan, a famous 6th century Arabic poet.

Designed as a self-contained community, with residences, offices, shops, green spaces and recreational facilities. The area is located close to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Al Khail Road, offering easy connectivity to other areas of the city.

The development of the Arjan Dubai Quarter began in 2007 with the construction of the first phase of the project, which included residences and shops. The second phase, which consisted mainly of luxury flats, was launched in 2008. Construction was halted during the 2008 financial crisis, but resumed in 2011 with the recovery of the Dubai property market.

Completed in 2017, with the delivery of all projects in the first and second phases. Since then, the area has become one of the most popular neighbourhoods in the city, with a high demand for housing and steadily rising property prices. And it continues to grow with the construction of new residential and commercial projects.

Arjan is a rapidly evolving neighbourhood. Since its launch, the area has grown dramatically, with many projects under development. Projects such as Miracle Gardens, Butterfly Garden and Dubai Hills Mall have contributed significantly to the popularity of the area. The development of large-scale projects such as these has stimulated demand for Arjan’s properties, offering investors a unique opportunity to be part of an emerging and growing community.

Top 10 things to do in Arjan, a district of Dubai that offers a wide variety of activities and entertainment:

  1. Visit the Dubai Miracle Garden: This is a gigantic and colourful flower park that features seasonal displays with millions of flowers. It is one of the main attractions in Dubai.
  2. Explore the Dubai Butterfly Garden: Located right next to the Miracle Garden, the Butterfly Garden features a variety of colourful butterflies and is a great choice for families with children.
  3. Play a round of golf at the Els Club: This is a championship golf course designed by renowned golfer Ernie Els. Golfers can enjoy 18 holes of exciting golf and stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
  4. Visit the Dubai Autodrome: Motorsports enthusiasts will certainly enjoy a visit to the Dubai Autodrome, which hosts races and events throughout the year.
  5. Discover the area: Arjan is a developing area with modern buildings, parks and green spaces. It is ideal for walking around and enjoying Dubai’s unique architecture.
  6. Shopping at the Dubai Miracle Mall: This is an open-air shopping mall with over 50 shops offering international brands and souvenir shops. It’s a great place to shop and take a break at one of the many cafes and restaurants.
  7. Visit IMG Worlds of Adventure: This is the largest indoor theme park in the world and features rides and attractions based on popular comic book characters such as Spiderman and Iron Man.
  8. Explore Dubai Sports City: Located near Arjan, Dubai Sports City offers a variety of world-class sports facilities, including a cricket stadium, football stadium, golf course and tennis courts.
  9. Discover Dubai Studio City: This is a world-renowned film and television production complex, which offers guided tours to see behind the scenes of Dubai’s film industry. This is a great activity for film enthusiasts.
  10. Play golf at Jumeirah Golf Estates: This is an exclusive golf course with two world-class golf courses, inspired by the traditional golf courses of Scotland. Golfers will enjoy 36 holes of exciting golf and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Real estate in Arjan: invest in a booming area

Arjan’s real estate market is constantly evolving. Since the completion of the project in 2017, property prices have risen significantly, making the area one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in the city.

The accommodation available is mainly flats, with studios, one and two bedroom flats and luxury flats with several bedrooms. Flat prices vary according to size, location and facilities. Luxury flats overlooking Al Barsha Lake are the most expensive, while studios and one-bedroom flats are more affordable.

Developers have invested in high-end amenities to attract buyers and tenants. Residential buildings have swimming pools, sports halls, children’s playgrounds and other leisure facilities. Commercial buildings also offer modern business facilities such as meeting rooms and co-working spaces.

Due to its location and modern facilities, it attracts both local and international investors. Local investors tend to invest in flats for rent or sale, while foreign investors often buy luxury flats to live in or use as second homes.

Real estate in the area is a dynamic market that is constantly changing. Property prices continue to rise due to high demand, but developers continue to invest in modern facilities to attract buyers and tenants.

The price per sqft in Arjan: an affordable investment for all budgets

One of the main advantages of Arjan is its affordability. The price per sqft in Arjan is currently lower than in the surrounding areas, making it a popular choice for property investors. Prices vary depending on the type of property, but in general, flats are more affordable than villas. This means that there are options for all budgets, whether you are a first-time investor or a seasoned one.

The price per sqft (square foot) in Arjan, Dubai can vary depending on various factors such as location, quality of construction, amenities, market demand, etc. In general, the average price can range from AED 800 to AED 1,500 (approximately EUR 175 to 325) per sqft for luxury flats and villas. However, it is important to note that these prices can fluctuate depending on the conditions of the property market and supply and demand at any given time.

Average rental price :

Average rental prices in Arjan, Dubai can vary depending on various factors such as property size, property type, amenities and proximity to public transport. In general, the average monthly rent for a studio apartment can range from AED 30,000 to AED 50,000 (approximately €6,500 to €10,800) per annum, for a one-bedroom flat from AED 40,000 to AED 70,000 (approximately €8,600 to €15,100) per annum and for a two-bedroom flat from AED 70,000 to AED 120,000 (approximately €15,100 to €25,900) per annum.


Future projects in Arjan

A neighbourhood in constant evolution, with several future projects in development. Here are some of the most promising projects:

  • Arjan Avenue: This is a mixed-use project that will include commercial, residential and hotel space. It will be located in the centre of the Arjan Dubai District and will offer a wide variety of living and working options.
  • Arjan One: This project will comprise several luxury residential towers with panoramic views of Al Barsha Lake. It will be equipped with a number of modern facilities, including swimming pools, sports fields and landscaped gardens.
  • Miracle Garden Extension: The extension of Dubai’s famous Miracle Garden will be located in Arjan. The park will be expanded to include new attractions for visitors.
  • Studio City Phase 2: The Arjan Quarter will also be linked to the second phase of Studio City, a 22 million square foot development of film and television production studios, office space and residential accommodation.

These future projects are expected to enhance the attractiveness of the Arjan Quarter for investors, residents and tourists. They will offer a wide variety of living, working and leisure options for people looking to relocate to this growing area.

The architecture

Arjan is known for its modern and innovative architecture, which is reflected in the buildings and infrastructure of the district. Here are some examples of interesting architecture:

  • Rose Palace Tower: This iconic tower is one of the most recognisable buildings in Arjan Dubai. It is distinguished by its bright pink colour and unique Y-shaped design.
  • Dania Complex: This residential complex offers elegant and minimalist contemporary architecture. The buildings are characterised by clean lines and bold geometric shapes.
  • The Arjan district: The entire district is designed to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. The buildings are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Miracle Garden: The park is famous for its colourful and extravagant floral installations. Visitors can admire a variety of floral sculptures in the shape of iconic buildings, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Burj Khalifa.
  • My City Shopping Centre: The shopping centre is one of the largest in the Arjan Dubai district and offers a modern and futuristic architecture. The building is characterised by its glass facades and open spaces, which offer views of the surrounding area.

Overall, Arjan offers a wide variety of modern and innovative architecture, which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The buildings and infrastructure of the district are designed to provide a pleasant and comfortable urban environment for residents and visitors.

Arjan Architecture


In addition to the above, it is worth noting that the Arjan Dubai District is an ideal place for art and culture lovers. Indeed, it is home to several art galleries and cultural spaces, such as the Miracle Garden, the Dubai Butterfly Garden, the Dubai Autodrome and the Dubai Miracle Garden. These venues offer residents and visitors a unique cultural experience, as well as a variety of outdoor activities.

Easy access to several renowned shopping malls, such as the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall and City Walk. These malls offer a variety of luxury brands and gourmet restaurants, as well as family-friendly activities such as cinemas, theme parks and ice rinks.

Finally, it is easily accessible from Dubai International Airport, as well as from the city’s main business districts. This makes it a strategic location for business travellers and entrepreneurs looking to set up in a fast-growing area.

In short, Arjan is a vibrant and attractive area that offers an exceptional quality of life for expats and locals alike. With its many advantages in terms of real estate, activities, transportation and amenities, it is easy to see why more and more people are choosing to relocate here.

Here are some distances in minutes to points of interest in Dubai from the Arjan District:

  • Dubai International Airport: 30 minutes by car
  • Downtown Dubai: 25 minutes by car
  • Palm Jumeirah: 30 minutes by car
  • Dubai Marina: 20 minutes by car
  • Burj Al Arab: 30 minutes by car
  • Mall of the Emirates : 15 minutes by car
  • Dubai Mall : 25 minutes by car
  • Jumeirah Beach : 25 minutes by car
  • Dubai Autodrome : 5 minutes by car
  • Dubai Miracle Garden : 5 minutes by car

Why Arjan is an attractive lifestyle choice for expats and locals

Arjan is a great destination for expats and locals alike, for many reasons. Here are some of the reasons why Arjan Dubai is a great place to live:

  • Strategic Location: Located near some of Dubai’s most popular areas, such as Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence. This makes it a convenient place to live and work, with easy access to major roads and public transport.
  • Quality facilities: A wide range of quality facilities, such as shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, fitness centres and health facilities. Residents therefore have access to all the amenities they need to live comfortably.
  • Affordable real estate: unlike some of Dubai’s more exclusive areas, offers a range of affordable real estate options for expats and locals alike. This makes it an attractive choice for those looking to live in a nice area without breaking the bank.
  • Friendly atmosphere: Known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Residents often know each other and meet regularly for community events. This creates a warm and friendly atmosphere, which is particularly important for expats looking to feel at home in a foreign country.
  • Growth potential: A developing area, with many future projects underway. This means that there is potential for growth in real estate and economic activity in the area, which may be attractive to those looking to invest in real estate or start a business.

Overall, Arjan offers an attractive lifestyle for expats and locals alike, with a range of quality amenities, a friendly atmosphere and potential for growth. It is a neighbourhood to consider for those looking to live in a diverse and vibrant community in Dubai.

by Dubai Vista Estate

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