Professional? You are. And much more than an independent individual driven by an obsession with a job well done, a taste for excellence and a culture of service.

What motivates you? Take part in a human and collective adventure, contribute to a unique mission: redefining real estate in Dubai. An opportunity where your development and fulfillment are key to the success of real estate transactions in the modern age.


As a property expert at Dubai Vista Estate, you’ll be at the heart of the customer experience, playing a vital role in making their Dubai real estate dreams come true. Your mission will include the following responsibilities:

1. Advise and guide customers

Listen carefully to customers’ needs and aspirations to better understand them.

Provide professional advice on the Dubai real estate market and current trends.

Guiding customers through the buying process, from property search to closing transactions.

2. Build and develop a real estate portfolio
Identify and evaluate properties that meet customer criteria.

Create and develop an attractive portfolio of properties for sale or rent.

Implement effective marketing strategies to promote properties.

3. Negotiate and conclude transactions

Use your negotiating skills to obtain the best terms for your customers.

Facilitate negotiation processes between buyers and sellers.

Ensure compliance with all applicable real estate laws and regulations.

4. Maintain lasting customer relationships

Establish and maintain relationships of trust with customers, based on integrity and professionalism.

Ensure constant follow-up with customers to guarantee their ongoing satisfaction.

Be the main point of contact between the customer and Dubai Vista Estate.

5. Working with the team

Work closely with other real estate agents and team members.

Actively participate in team meetings and training sessions to keep up to date with industry best practices.

Your mission at Dubai Vista Estate goes beyond real estate transactions. It is a quest to create exceptional experiences, build lasting relationships and contribute to the image of excellence that our agency embodies. Join us and become the architect of your own success in the exciting world of Dubai real estate.

Dubai Vista Estate is looking for M/F real estate experts in Dubai, regardless of age, level of education or previous experience. No real estate experience is required. We’ll guide and train you on a daily basis, with commission-only income and comprehensive training to excel in the real estate business.

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